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How to place the Map on your site, on your screen or as RSS feeds ?

    1) To place the map on your own site :

you need use the code:

    2) How the map work:

1 - Status information area.
2 - Map refresh time interval - you can select here.
3 - Last user point to be always on top. If you want see all track - uncheck this.
4 - To select another user, press button and set new login and password. The setup data saved in your Internet browser memory. If you change or upgrade browser - you'll need to make new setup.

    3) How to make your own RSS feed with coordinates from database:

This is an example of adress for RSS feed. For user - demo and last five records placed in RSS feed:
User name "demo" - mean login name on site, replace it and use the adress.
Read more about RSS you can here ...