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What's NEW on site ?

GPSbySMS Android edition, ver 1.1.
Now, you can see your position on map using your own site, or even your own monitor screen.
Also, you can make your own RSS feed.
This site you can visit only for software updates.

More info ...

- is the program for Android, Pocket PC with OS Windows SE Phone Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0

   1) Read navigation data from  GPS  and send it to any user via SMS or E-mail.
   2) View current position on Maps (need Internet connection).
   3) Save navigation data in database using data transfer via GPRS Internet.
   4) Alarm Function.
   5) Save  GPS  data in a track File.

Work with maps
GoogleMaps  Mapquest  VirtualEarth Yahoo Maps  MultiMap

How it work:
 1) The program reads navigation data from  GPS  and transmit it to any user using SMS messages or e-mail. You can save the data in file GPRMC_NMEA.txt or NMEA.xml or NMEA.kml on Pocket PC.
First - You need to setup COM port with GPS, then setup phone numbers to send SMS and sending interval.
 2) You can save your navigation data in database on site using data transfer via Internet.
First your need - registration on the site and setup IP connection on your Pocket PC using GPRS or WiFi.
 3) Alarm function - the program read current coordinates from  GPS  and save it in memory.
If object was displaced from the position more than 150 meters or 492 ft - program send an SMS messages with current coordinates.

User select SMS message format:
   NMEA GPRMC string: $GPRMC,161229.487,A,3723.2475,N,12158.3416,W,0.13,309.62,120598, ,*10
or in
   Free format: Valid=Y 09042006 184947 Lon=37.73425 Lat=55.6978 Speed=0.13

GPSbySMS for Pocket PC GPSbySMS for Pocket PC

What's NEW! 1) Autostart function. 2) Press button -Send 1- to send data and text in dashboard function. 3) Alarm radius can be changed and saved.

Developer: Astra-Service, Moscow, Russia
OS: Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 SE Phone Edition and Windows Mobile 2005/2006
Language: Russian, English
Distribution: Freeware
Version: 2.16
Last updating: 30 January 2010
Download File: GPSbySMS (ZIP archive, ~630 kb)


GPSbyGPRS is a version of GPSbySMS program that made for Pocket PC without GSM module.
SMS sending is not available in the program.
What's NEW!Autorun and autoconnect function.Record data to .kml file for using in Google Earth program.
Developer: Astra-Service, Moscow, Russia
OS: Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 2005/2006
Language: Russian, English
Distribution: Freeware
Version: 1.37
Last updating: 21 November 2009
Download File: GPSbyGPRS (ZIP archive, ~190 kb)

GPSbySMS Android - is the version of GPSbySMS program for phones with Android OS
What's NEW! Ver 1.1, Target function. Alarm function. Map on/off Screen. Recording data to .xml file for later viewing.

Developer: Astra-Servis, Moscow, Russia
OS: Android ver 2.1 and later
Language: Russian, English
Distribution: Freeware
Version: 1.1
Last updating: 14 October 2012
Download File: GPSbySMS Android (ZIP file, ~230 kb)

Trackers: Beetle-2M, Key-chains and Beetle-1 work with database on this site.

   Trackers -  Family devices beetle   Tracker -  Family devices beetle

The modes:

  1. Controll the location of the object using GPRS channel. GPS data were transferred from the device to the site.
  2. The SMS query. To get the current coordinates of the device via SMS user need to send SMS query to the device.
  3. The approximate determination of location using base GSM stations. The mode used if GPS signal is not available. For example, the car is in garage.
  4. Modem connection with device using terminal program. Device be send navigation data until such time as you do not hang up.
  5. The sleep mode. The device is in sleep mode, and then wakes up and send data, then back to the sleep mode. For example, you can assign: Work - one minute, sleep - two hours.
  6.The listening Mode - using built-in microphone. You can call the tracker, and then listen.

User Manual in pdf file format: (ZIP file, ~700 kb)

GPSbySMS Java Phone Edition
GPSbySMS Java Edition is a version of GPSbySMS program for cellular phones.

GPSbySMS Java Edition

What's NEW ! New 1.0 (28 March 2009) version. The program work with internal GPS receiver. Program have Setup file.

GPSbySMS Java Edition


Decoding NMEA string: $GPRMC,161229.487,A,3723.2475,N,12158.3416,W,0.13,309.62,120598, ,*10
    Message ID: $GPRMC - Header
    UTC Time: 161229.487 hhmmss.sss
    Status: A A=Data valid or V=Data not valid
    Latitude: 3723.2475 ddmm.mmmm
    N/S Indicator: N N=North. or S=South
    Longitude: 12158.3416 dddmm.mmmm
    E/W Indicator: W E=East or W=West
    Speed Over Ground: 0.13 knots (1 knots = 1.852 km/h = 1.150779448 mph)
    Course Over Ground: 309.62 Degree True
    Date: 120598 ddmmyy
    Magnetic Variation degrees: E=East or W=West
    Checksum: *10

Nav data in Free format: Valid=Y 09042006 184947 Lon=37.73425 Lat=55.6978 Speed=0.13
    Data Valid=Y or N (Yes or No)
    Time HHMMSS
    Longitude Lon=(+/-)dd.dddd in Degree
    Latitude Lat=(+/-)ddd.ddddd in Degree km/h or in mph

Attention !!! Date and Time are taken from PocketPC instead of GPS

NMEA.xml file format:
    <marker lat="57.441" lng="37.141" name="Point 1 name"/>
    <marker lat="57.322" lng="37.213" name="Point 20 name"/>

File format .kml for use with GoogleEarth :

To view Point To view Track

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <kml xmlns="">
Car 18/03/06 21:03:51</name>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<name>My todays Track </name>
<LineStyle id="khLineStyle989">
<color>7f0000ff </color>
<width>5 </width>
<tessellate>1 </tessellate>
-88.306534, 30.227852
-88.306534, 30.227852
-88.306534, 30.227852
-88.440000, 30.333333
-88.666666, 30.338888
<name>Start point </name>
<Point> <coordinates>-88.306534, 30.227852 </coordinates> </Point>
<href> </href>
<name>Stop point </name>
<Point> <coordinates>-88.666666, 30.338888 </coordinates> </Point>
<href> </href>

GPSbySMS, GPSbyGPRS, GPSbySMS Java Phone Edition, GPSbySMS Android Edition